Mokane, MO
River Access
Closest Bridge: Jefferson City
19.3 miles
Ramp Location: Left Bank
GPS: 38° 3908.08 N
91° 5305.31 W
Mile Marker: 124.7

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Hwy. C: State Hwy. C leads to Mokane from a northern route through Fulton. From Fulton to Mokane is approximately 13.5 miles. To get to the boat ramp, take C all the way to Hwy. 94, then take a right turn, go .78 miles and take a left onto CR479. Follow this road all the way to the end and the boatramp is in view.

From Hwy. 94: Mokane can be accessed via Hwy. 94 which runs east and west on the Northern side of the Missouri River. The nearest bridges are Jefferson City to the east and Hermann to the west. From Jefferson City, Mokane is approximately 19.3 miles, while Hermann is approximately 27 miles.

If traveling east from Jefferson City you are going to have to turn off onto a gravel road for the boat ramp before you even get to Mokane. Since I don't know that the gravel road even has a name, you can watch for Hwy. PP on your left. When you see Hwy. PP, continue on Hwy. 94 for .58 miles and take CR479 which will lead you to the ramp.

If traveling west on 94, as you enter Mokane, you will see Hwy. C coming in from your left. Continue on 94 for only .78 miles and take a left onto CR479. The boat ramp will be at the end of that road.

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Public Boat Ramp: Concrete, well maintained

Current: Moderate. Ramp nearly parallels current

Docking: None

Parking: Free Vehicle with trailer parking

Fueling: No

Restroom: No

General Comments: This boat ramp appears to be very nice with ample parking. It is a nearly two miles from Mokane, so if you arrive by boat, you would have quite a walk to town.

Entertainment and Activities:
As far as entertainment in Mokane, I believe there are a few cafe's and a gas station too.

Click Here for Missouri Department of Conservation Page for this area for more details and contact information.

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