New Haven, MO
Riverfront Park
Closest Bridge: Washington 13.1 miles
Ramp Location: Right Bank
GPS: 38° 3652.43 N
91° 1237.71 W
Mile Marker: 81.4

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From I-44: Take I-44 to Hwy. 100 West (Washington Exit), travel through Washington on 100 West, toward New Haven. When you enter New Haven, the speed limit drops and within another half mile you should look for the gas station on the right. The street immediately after the gas station is Miller Street. Take a right onto Miller Street. Follow Miller St. all the way down the hill till you see railroad tracks. Take the first right hand turn after crossing the tracks. Follow road till you see the boat ramp.

From I-70: The two closest routes south from I-70 to New Haven are either via Hwy. 47 south from Warrenton, through Washington, or Hwy. 19 south from Montgomery City through Hermann. If traveling through Hermann, take 100 East toward New Haven and make a left onto Miller Street before the gas station. Follow Miller St. all the way down the hill till you see railroad tracks. Take the first right hand turn after crossing the tracks. Follow road till you see the boat ramp.

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Public Boat Ramp: Concrete, well maintained, extra wide,
for multiple boat launches at a time.

Current: Calm. Protected with dike breaking current.

Docking: One courtesy dock. No long term or overnight docking.

Parking: Free Vehicle with trailer parking available along park drive, with additional parking on gravel lot to East.

Fueling: Contact Olympic Marine Harbor Service at 573-237-4568 for availability of fuel.

Restroom: Yes

General Comments:This is a nice ramp to put in at. It is protected by the dike so you do not have to fight the current as much. However, during low water the ramp is still usable but the pool below the protecting wing dike has a number of very large boulders under the surface that can easily tear a prop up or worse. The best course is to raise the lower unit as high as possible when approaching the ramp, but a careful boater will find that the area straight out from the ramp is clear of boulders. Also, this is a steep ramp that can become very muddy and slick with use. A larger boat and 2WD vehicle may have a hard time with traction.

If you are looking for sandbars, there is one right across the river from the boat launch. If you feel like going further, east of New Haven is Dundee Sandbar, near mile marker 76.5. It is very user friendly, with sandy bottom and slower slope toward deeper water. Many people shallow wade here, without trouble, but we remind you to think of your safety and wear a flotation device.
Is Dundee Sandbar out? Check Dundee Cam

Entertainment and Activities:
If you are looking for entertainment or things to do in New Haven, there are some activities in downtown New Haven as well as up the hill on Hwy. 100, including a bar, restarants and a winery. If you're looking to just take a stroll, New Haven built a beautiful little walkway along the levee with park benches and attractive lighting.

Click Here for Missouri Department of Conservation Page for this area for more details and contact information.

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